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Today’s post is about wedding favors for guests! This is something every bride assumes she has to have on each table as a thank you gift. And I wish I would have read a blog like this one, because I assumed the same thing! And when you see the prices, it is usually at least $1.00 – $2.50 each, which is a few hundred dollars!

Wedding Favors | Are they necessary?

Here is the mistake I made –

I packaged a small Hershey’s bar with half a graham cracker, and 1 large marshmallow in a sweets bag with a cute thank you tag which took many hours putting all together. (Thankfully I had 8 bridesmaids) Their cost was about $1.10 each and I made 200 of them. So that was an extra $220.. There was a fire pit to roast them (hence why I had smores as a gift) but it was wet outside from a short amount of rain and I actually also forgot to bring metal rods for roasting marshmallows. Yeah, I know, total fail on my end. I ended up throwing away probably close to half of them (Thank you to those guests that took them home so I didn’t feel even more overwhelmed with the amount wasted) And even though the rain and my lack of planning had an affect on it, not many guest would have stood over a fire roasting marshmallows on a wedding day. They looked adorable on my tables and in pictures, but they really weren’t a needed necessity.

Here is where I clearly went overboard and never even realized. I was so focused on the gifts at the table that I forgot I also was going to have a photo booth and chocolate fountain! Both things that are for the guests to enjoy. Thankfully I didn’t let my guests down too much because I had other options available as a thank you, but the cute s’mores just weren’t worth it.

Here is what I would suggest – instead of spending money on something cheap (that adds up) for each guest individually, book a photo booth, do a candy bar, popcorn bar, s’mores bar, or even a caricature artist! And then to still have something on the table if that’s what you are wanting, add a “Thank you for coming” card with information about using whichever favor you decided to book or provide.

It made me excited to see my guests using the photo booth and laughing and enjoying the chocolate fountain! & the only one I saw use our table favor was my cousin… 2 weeks after the wedding who was sending me snaps of her making a s’more on her stove. True story.

So just to be clear, some type of “thank you” is nice for your guests. And it can be so much more fun and simple instead of staying up late the night before your wedding making 200 s’mores bags…

Ultimately, however, you are the bride and you should do what YOU want for your wedding!! But, I know I would not have made those darn s’mores if I could rethink that one.

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