Tristan + Alicia | Married


The Allure | Laporte, Indiana

I just adore these two! I have known them both since high school but it has been the last 1.5 years that I have really gotten to know them. Alicia is truly the sweetest person, ever. Seeing them interact for their engagement and wedding just proved how deeply they love each other. Alicia was glowing all morning as she was being pampered and made sure to compliment every bridesmaid, or really anyone she saw, that morning.

Alicia did a first look with her dad which was seriously the most adorable, as her proud dad sweetly commented on her beauty and how much he loved her. She waited to see Tristan until the ceremony and his smile lit up and tears filled his eyes the moment he finally saw his bride.

Alicia and Tristan married at Nativity of Our Savior in Portage, Indiana. They them celebrated at the elegant Allure in Laporte. Their reception packed with people that love them and the dance floor never remained empty. If what I have already said doesn’t show how sweet they really are, then the fact they took time out of their night to make sure and celebrate three birthdays from their bridal party and guests!

I loved this wedding and I loved this group! I am so thankful and honored that I was able to capture this sweet, sweet day.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pearman!! Enjoy Michigan and your time off together!cn1a5752cn1a5788cn1a5800cn1a5836cn1a5912cn1a5965cn1a5975cn1a6016cn1a6110cn1a6159cn1a6176cn1a6206cn1a6288cn1a6299cn1a6303cn1a6312cn1a6330cn1a6334cn1a6350cn1a6428cn1a6437cn1a6457cn1a6606cn1a6615cn1a6730cn1a6771cn1a6783cn1a6785cn1a6797-2cn1a6797cn1a6816cn1a6835cn1a6837cn1a6917cn1a6948cn1a6970cn1a6980cn1a6989-2cn1a7004cn1a7011cn1a7032cn1a7037cn1a7121cn1a7136cn1a7149cn1a7157cn1a7166cn1a7183cn1a7216cn1a7252cn1a7271cn1a7274cn1a7278cn1a7303-2cn1a7303cn1a7310cn1a7318cn1a7327cn1a7337cn1a7350cn1a7377cn1a7394cn1a7397cn1a7403-2cn1a7434cn1a7453cn1a7470-2cn1a7500cn1a7597cn1a7625cn1a7666cn1a7832cn1a7892cn1a7931

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