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Today’s post is about a book I URGE you to buy and read if you haven’t already! It doesn’t matter if you are married, dating, or single – This book is a game changer.

Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Throughout this book, it refers to a “love bank” and how we all have them. (I know it may sound cheesy, but it really isn’t!) Gary Chapman says that when our love bank is empty, we are unhappy, more irritable, and just simply feel unloved. When it is full, we are happy, feel loved, and better moods and attitude. Gary Chapman states how there are five love languages and each person as a primary love language.

The five primary love languages are:

  1. Acts of Service
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Physical Touch
  4. Receiving Gifts
  5. Quality Time

The book gives in detail about each love language and at the end of the book there is a test for you and your spouse to each take. This reveals what makes you feel most loved out of the five love languages.

It is really interesting because whatever it is that makes someone feel loved is usually how they try to show love! If they feel loved by receiving gifts, then they probably buy gifts for their spouse to show their love. But this is where hidden issues begin that is never even realized! What if the spouse feels loved by words of affirmation but they never receive words of affirmation because they only receive gifts!

Is this making sense yet? I can assure you that Gary Chapman does a much better job describing and writing about this, so you have to just read it for yourself. When Kris and I were engaged, several couples mentioned this book and it was a complete eye opener for us. Over the next couple weeks, I will be posting challenges to get you to try each of these to your spouse and see how they react! Ladies, I am sure you already know which one your hubby is, but try them all anyway!

This week I challenge you to BUY THE BOOK! Check next week to see which love language I will challenge you to try! ♥


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