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Hi Friends! Every Monday (at least hopefully for the most part) I want to dedicate to talking about MARRIAGE! I am a wedding photographer and will be blogging mainly about weddings, but I just have on my heart to speak about Marriage as well. Weddings are incredible. They are full of love, happiness, joy, and two that are ready to take on the world! Weddings are incredible and I love being apart of so many every year. But, what happens when that new thrill, that new marriage, is no longer new? While the wedding is so important, it is the marriage that really matters. The wedding day is simply that, ONE day! Marriage is a life time and should be even more incredible than the wedding day ever was.

I know I get it, Im 23 and have been married for 2 years. What do I know about marriage? Well not nearly as much as someone who is 65 and been married for 30 plus years. But I have learned many things within these past two years and I know I will continue learning as more anniversaries come.

So while I may not be the most knowledgeable person on marriage or with the most experience, I do learn new things daily and strive to be the best wife I can be. So these blog post will indeed be about things I may have learned, things I am striving for and will hopefully push you to strive for, or a simple “Wives, give your husband a back massage this week.” Or “husbands, cook your wife their favorite meal this week”. I mean really we all could use some encouragement in our marriage and I will be taking my own advice and implementing everything I choose to write!

I am excited for this new topic I will be blogging about and hope this will be fun for all my married couples! Don’t worry bride/grooms- to- be, theres a special day just for you also!

So, check back in next Monday to see my first official post!

Truly with love,

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