Marriage Monday | Challenge Week

Hi friends!

This week is a challenge week!

Ladies | This week do something nice for your man! Cook his favorite dinner or dessert, randomly rub his feet or back, or whatever it is that makes him happiest – SURPRISE HIM WITH IT!

Gentlemen | Surprise your wife with coffee in the morning, a random “thought of you” gift, make her favorite meal, or a surprise foot/back rub! Whatever it is that makes her happiest – SURPRISE HER!

Even if your spouse isn’t reading this, your act of service will not go unnoticed. I am sure it will spark something in them to want to return a favor back if not that day, the one day soon. But, please don’t do this with INTENTIONS of receiving something in return. Do this because you WANT to make your spouse happy. Don’t you love surprise gestures and acts of service? I know I do, and I am sure your spouse does as well because who doesn’t?

Let me know in the comments what you chose to do!! This should be so fun 🙂

& I will even be thinking of my own acts of service to surprise my hubby with!


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