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Backyard Wedding | Lowell, Indiana

This wedding was truly one of a kind. From start to finish, it was full of love, laughter, and many smiles. The ceremony was held at an adorable white church with a steeple that has so much history behind it. The church is next to a cemetery with men as early as from the civil war buried there. Rickie told me they were driving by the church and it caught her eye with how adorable it was and then they began attending there! Which led them to get married there by a sweet pastor who used the sweetest words for their vows.

After the ceremony ended, there were some bubbles, several burn outs, and we headed to Buckley homestead for pictures next to the four trucks dear to Marc and the groomsman. (Clearly Rickie was a laid back bride who allowed Marc’s desires for their wedding day to happen as well)

After the pictures with trucks and cars, we headed to the amazing reception spot, which was Marc’s parents house. I adore back yard weddings because they are sweet, always unique, sentimental, and just precious. This, was a back yard wedding that was exactly that but so much more. The land was absolutely amazing and the set up was above and beyond.

Clearly this was an incredible wedding, but all of the amazing touches and details just added to it. I met Rickie and her friend Grace for coffee last year for her consultation to talk photography services and wedding plans. She booked me that day and I was immediately excited for this wedding because I knew we had clicked already. I then met her and Marc for their engagement session and saw how sweet he was to her (and even that day she allowed him to include the freshly washed and waxed truck for pictures) – I told you she’s great!

I was able to get close to Rickie this year with the meetings, sessions, emails and texts and I am sad to see this wedding be over but so happy Kris and I were able to be a part of it!

Have fun on your getaway Marc and Rickie and THANK YOU for allowing us to partake in this special day!

(Did I mention they’re spending one of their getaway days going to a truck show? – Sorry boys, she’s married now! )

With love,


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