Brian + Jess | Married

This was the first wedding I was finally able to capture at the gorgeous Valparaiso University Chapel. I have heard about the gorgeousness, but for the first was finally able to see it and capture it! It was perfect. I hadn’t met face to face with Brian and Jess until their big day. Their day was full of smiles, excitement, and some tears but it was evident that they were so excited to finally marry! Brian was also excited about his Chevelle that he had redone, since he is a mechanic, for their wedding. It definitely did not disappoint and was truly the perfect touch to their royal blue and grey theme.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Treutler!jess-and-brian-w-4jess-and-brian-w-2jess-and-brian-w-1jess-and-brian-w-33jess-and-brian-w-34jess-and-brian-w-35jess-and-brian-w-37jess-and-brian-w-38jess-and-brian-w-39jess-and-brian-w-40jess-and-brian-w-10jess-and-brian-w-12jess-and-brian-w-6jess-and-brian-w-7jess-and-brian-w-8jess-and-brian-w-13jess-and-brian-w-15jess-and-brian-w-19jess-and-brian-w-18jess-and-brian-w-16jess-and-brian-w-20jess-and-brian-w-24jess-and-brian-w-23jess-and-brian-w-21jess-and-brian-w-26jess-and-brian-w-27jess-and-brian-w-56jess-and-brian-w-58jess-and-brian-w-55jess-and-brian-w-42jess-and-brian-w-9jess-and-brian-w-28jess-and-brian-w-29jess-and-brian-w-30jess-and-brian-w-44jess-and-brian-w-32jess-and-brian-w-45jess-and-brian-w-50jess-and-brian-w-54jess-and-brian-w-41

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