Brian + Abigail | Married


Sandy Pines Pavilion | Demotte, Indiana

Brian and Abigail married July 30, 2016 at Sandy Pines Pavilion. I finally met Abigail about a week before her wedding and I immediately could tell she truly was so sweet and I couldn’t wait to meet Brian and see them interact together. They did not disappoint! Abigail’s eyes immediately filled with tears the moment she walked out of the bridal house and could see Brian standing with his back to her for the reveal. Their moment was so sweet that quickly went from tears to laughter as they both talked about how nice the bridal house paper towels were.

This was by far the smoothest wedding I have ever had the honor of capturing and it had the most perfect weather. We all feared it was going to storm and the first words Abigail said to me when I got in the bridal suite was, “I prayed until I fell asleep and woke up at 3am and prayed some more that it wouldn’t storm”. I have to say the good Lord heard her prayers because not only did it not rain but we had beautiful light for pictures from the overcasts sky AND THE SUN CAME OUT at the reception so we were able to capture some sunset as well!

Their wedding was intimate and it was evident how loved they are, but after meeting Abigail that didn’t surprise me. I loved that she had her dad and step dad walk her down the aisle because it was clear that they both played a big role in her life. However, their first dance did surprise me. Pictures do not do justice showing how beautiful their first dance was! They either put work in perfecting those elegant moves or they are just amazing naturals. All I know is that I am most certainly regretting not taking dance lessons for my wedding because I want my first dance to have looked like that!!

Everything about Brian and Abigail’s day suited them and was basically, absolutely perfect. I am seriously so honored that I got to capture such an incredible wedding for an amazing couple!

Thank you SO much Brian and Abigail for allowing me to be part of your big day. Have the greatest time in Mexico!!mccann_0001mccann_0002mccann_0003mccann_0020mccann_0021mccann_0022mccann_0023mccann_0024mccann_0004mccann_0025mccann_0005mccann_0006mccann_0007mccann_0008mccann_0009mccann_0010mccann_0011mccann_0012mccann_0013mccann_0014mccann_0015mccann_0016mccann_0017mccann_0032mccann_0026mccann_0027mccann_0028mccann_0029mccann_0031mccann_0030mccann_0033mccann_0034mccann_0035mccann_0036mccann_0018mccann_0019

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