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We're Kayla and Kris, a husband and wife, who are passionate about documenting the greatest moments in your life.


We know how difficult it is trusting someone to capture the greatest day of your lives that only happens once! We take pride in knowing that not only will we do your day justice, but that we will love every moment doing it!


Our philosophy is a little different than your average wedding photographer. We don't book every inquiry that comes our way and we don't look at your wedding day as just a job that's bringing in income. We want to connect with our couples and we want to be your friends!


Call us over the top, but we like walking into every wedding day feeling like we are celebrating with friends. This allows us to truly serve and cater to each couple because we actually care about them! I (Kayla) will bustle your dress, re-pin your hair back, scrub stains out of your dress, blot sweat or tears from your face, and more than likely - I'll compliment you all day. You'll find Kris running back and forth grabbing things forgotten (like your bouquet), grabbing you a drink, helping groomsmen with their ties, and holding screaming children when their parents are part of the wedding party and no one else can watch them during portrait time. When you hire us, you're hiring so much more than just a wedding photographer.


We work in a way that allows us to capture genuine moments. We make sure to pull you and your groom away for moments alone. And we also know how to fake great moments that often lead into raw emotions.


We have fun, we laugh, and we often embarrass ourselves. We look like absolute disasters by the end of the night, but we are doing it all for you.


So, won't you be our friend?

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