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Good morning friends!

You may have noticed that I started a marriage blog called Marriage Monday and now I am starting another topic I love talking about – weddings! This blog will be all about wedding planning. YAY!

Every bride I have ever had has said something along the lines of, “I have no idea how to plan for this!” regarding one aspect of their wedding or another. Unless a bride happens to also be in the wedding industry, no bride is dealing with multiple weddings a year. After photographing close to 100 weddings, there are several things I have learned and I definitely wish I would have known as much as I know now when I planned my own wedding. There are so many minor things I would have changed that would have made huge differences. So, allow me to give you brides-to-be, even if you’re not a “KKP” Bride, some tips and advice on planning your big day!

I love to plan and I love to help plan. I actually always say that when I am too old and not “hip” enough to photograph weddings, that I will just become a wedding planner. So allow me to give my insight, as well as other creative’s insights, on every aspect of wedding planning. 

Check in next Tuesday Tips to see what my first tip will be!

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