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Weddings are my favorite. I love everything about them. I love getting to know my bride and groom so well that lasting friendships are developed. I love being excited about a wedding because its not just a client getting married, but a friend! 

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One of my favorite parts about wedding planning, is the engagement session. I do not give you an ordinary session. I make sure to give an experience. This session is so important. This is where I get to know you individually, and as a couple. I get to see what makes the soon to be bride smile and what gets the soon to be groom interested. I learn about you, and you learn about me. No rushing, lots of teaching and instructing, and so many laughs!


While my passion for weddings is evident, I do have to make clear how much I love capturing seniors!! Seniors are so fun. I love capturing this time in their lives and all the things that they love. While I have placed my focus on weddings primarily, I never turn down a senior session! 


I took several design classs in college and I love designing invitations or anything else that has to do with weddings! There are other things I enjoy designing too so if you are interested in this service of mine, please just contact me with what you are wanting!


I have 6+ years of experience with photography. I have taken 6 courses relating to photography and growing my knowledge. I love being able to share what I have spent 6 years learning. I am passionate about photography and love to see others succeeding as well. I have option of going over camera basics or advanced and lightroom basics or advanced or how to start a photography business, connect with your clients, and more. Contact me if this is something you would be interested in!