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Hello and Welcome

Hello! I’m Kayla and next to me is my incredible husband Kristofer. We are a husband and wife duo and absolutely love capturing weddings!

A little bit about us personally – We have had our business for 6 years but grown immensely in the past four. We have one dog, Bentley. One cat, Levi. We are firm believers in Jesus Christ. We married May 8th, 2015 at Sandy Pines Pavilion so we are very familiar with Sandy Pines and love going back there to capture others' weddings!

We are primarily only wedding photographers. We try to not take on any other sessions unless it has to do with weddings (engagement, boudoir, etc) since we do capture 30 weddings a year on average! However, I love capturing milestones for our wonderful couples, so for my past clients I do take on other sessions!

I love weddings. I love everything about weddings. My favorite part? – Well that’s easy. It’s when I get the bride and groom alone. Whether it’s for a reveal or first look (totally suggest those by the way), or if it’s after dinner when I pull them aside and ask for them to come with me. I try my hardest to get the bride and groom alone to just breathe and take in their day without anyone else there, no one rushing them, and no chaos. I *always* capture the best emotions at that time! I truly feel honored every single time a bride and groom book me, because they are asking me to be a major part of one of the biggest days of their lives! If you would still like to meet, skype, call, or email after getting to know me some more and seeing my work, I would be honored! I would love to meet you and get to know *you*!

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