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Marriage Monday

Hi Friends!

Every Monday (at least hopefully for the most part) I want to dedicate to talking about MARRIAGE! I tried this once before, but I am not letting blogging defeat me this time! 

Most blogs shown will be all about weddings, but I LOVE talking about marriage. The good, the bad, and the stuff no-one likes to talk about. Wedding days are incredible. Two people, so in love, that are ready to become one and take on the world together! Joy overpowers anything that could potentially go wrong and I love being a part of so many annually! But, what happens when that new thrill of that new marriage is no longer… new? While the wedding is so important, isn’t the marriage what really matters after-all? The wedding day is simply that, ONE day! Marriage is a lifetime and, as an entirety, should be even more incredible than the wedding day ever was. (Because let’s face it, not every day is going to be wedding bells and sweet smiles – it could be more like screams and ugly crying.) BUT, as a whole, it should be so much better as you continue growing together every year and reaching new milestones together.

I know I get it, I’m 25 and have been married for 4 years. What do I know about marriage? Well, not nearly as much as someone who is 65, married for 40 plus years. But as the saying goes, “You learn something new everyday” – I’d say that is 1,460 new things I have learned. Because no doubt – I have certainly learned something new with marriage 

In no way would I consider myself an expert on this topic. Actually, majority of these blogs will most likely be about how I failed! But, I always try to grow from it. Key word – try. And hopefully sprinkled in will be a few that I succeeded in. LOL! But really, we all could use some encouragement in our marriage (young or ….seasoned) and it is my goal to listen to my own advice and implement everything I blog.

I am truly looking forward to this new topic and hope that this will not only be fun for married couples, but single or dating, too!

With that being said, check back in next Monday to see my first official post!

With love,


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