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Backyard Wedding | Valparaiso, Indiana

I’ve said it before, but I am saying it again, I love backyard weddings. There is something so sweet, simple, and intimate about a backyard wedding. It is almost always less chaotic and there is always such a different emotion that comes from everyone involved. And this wedding was no different, it was exactly that and more.

Jimmy and Stephanie had been together for quite some time, but they finally made the decision to set a date and plan their wedding….33 days in advance. Yes, 33 days. And their families came together in such an incredible way to make this happen for them and they did not disappoint! It was so beautiful!

Considering this was planned in 33 days, we did not have an engagement session. Which always brings a small worry to me because E Sessions are so important to get to know one another and know how the couple interacts together. I call it the practice session for the big day! But these two were so easy to capture. They were comfortable with one another and easily moved in to every pose. It was definitely a very chilly day but they toughed it out and didnt complain when I said “one more” and then did at least five more…


So, thank you Stephanie and Jimmy for allowing us to capture your beautiful day! Enjoy the married life, its pretty great! 🙂


With love,




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