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Seth + Alyssa
October 12, 2018

We enjoyed getting to know Alyssa and Seth during their extremely cold engagement session earlier this year. While their wedding weather was definitely on the chilly side, we were thankful it wasnt nearly as frigid as their E session!

Ever since Alyssa booked us and showed us Blumen Gardens, we were greatly anticipating photographing their day at this gorgeous venue. As we were preparing for her day at a cute little hope they rent, I was checking temperatures and secretively hoping Alyssa would make the decision to still have her outdoor ceremony despite the cold. And she did. And it was awesome!

Their day was extremely calm and everything went perfect! They, along with their wedding party, family, and guests, braved the cold so this couple could have exactly what they hoped and planned for! And it couldnt have been more perfect.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Arnoff!


With love,

Kayla and Kris

Blumen Gardens | Sycamore, IL


Make up :I Do Two Bridal Bar (Victoria Anderson and Katie Schneider)
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